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Creative Sharing / Positive Performance!

That's what we are all about in 2014.

"The GRC has so many creative individuals, students and staff! We want to encourage everyone to share their work. The Oratorio has spawned a new flourish of student composition which will find its voice in the GRC and beyond. Performance is a crucial part of learning to be a complete musician and performing is also a way of sharing your love of, and interest in music. Positive Performance is all about learning from each experience, adding to your levels of confidence and knowledge about how to optimise your performance. In 2014, we encourage you to play, create, perform, discuss and share your music with friends, family - everyone!" Paul Scott-Williams


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Concerts, events, guest artists


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April is Active!

Some lovely musical activity coming up in April:

April 2 -

Formal Student Concert

April 10 -

GRC Ensembles Concert

April 11 -

End Term One

April 26 -

Professional Development - Conducting and Ensemble Leadership course (Day 1)

April 28 -

Start Term Two