New Year Resolutions.

We’ve all made them, we’ve all broken them. Yet every year when January 1st looms, we are gripped with the ambition that maybe this will be the year when I lose 20 kilos, or run a mile a day, or not spend so much on donuts, or be nicer to small animals.

I don’t mean to sound cynical, but resolutions can be difficult to sustain without support. When making a significant change to your daily life habits and disciplines, support and encouragement is a crucial ingredient for success.

This is why resolving to learn a musical instrument can be such a positive experience. Joining the GRC opens up doorways to musical possibilities that you may never have considered – and you become a part of a team who are there to help you achieve success.

You can work one-on-one with your tutor and develop that very personal understanding and creative relationship that can be extremely positive and fulfilling. As your confidence and skill rises, you can extend yourself by joining a larger musical team in a music ensemble – and the GRC has plenty of those. You can take an active role in the direction of your musical skill development, choosing musical styles, pieces to play, times and days of lessons to best suit your lifestyle. You can also choose when you are ready to perform in public or whether you feel like challenging yourself with a music examination. In short, making a Music Resolution can work because you are not alone.

The other thing that is fantastic about learning an instrument is that you are never too young or too old. I saw the most amazing footage recently of an orchestra specifically for the elderly in the United States. This ensemble would meet regularly and play and once a year they would invite an eminent conductor to come and work with them for a weekend and put on a concert. In this footage, the soloist was a lovely lady playing the flute, quite brilliantly. She was 95 years old and did not start learning the flute until she was eighty!

There really is no time limit on finding your musical instrument and exploring your musical creativity. I encourage everyone to think about how you might add music to the mix of your life and know that this year, and every year, the GRC is here to help! 

20 January 2012

Paul Scott-Williams

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