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A New Captain for the GRC!

The Board and Management team of the GRC were very pleased earlier this year to be able to approve the creation of a new student leadership position at the GRC. For the first time, in 2016, the GRC will have a Conservatorium Captain. Each year from hereon, the GRC will invite applications from GRC enrolled students who are going into Year 12 and are undertaking HSC Music studies, to be the student representative of the GRC in the position of Captain. For the inaugural year of this position, the Board and Management felt that there was only one choice that could be made in recognition of many years of active musical contribution both in the GRC and around the regional community, extending across the state and nationally as well. As such, it is a pleasure to announce that the first GRC Captain is Bailey Judd!

I had the pleasure to sit down with Bailey and chat about music, his past, present and possible future. Here’s how it went:

Welcome to my blog series of 2014!

Over recent times it has become clear to me what an amazingly rich array of talent and experience we have on staff at the GRC. Everyone has their own unique story and everyone has travelled their own musical journey through life. It is most interesting to simply sit down with people and chat about what they have done, where they have been and who has shaped them as a musician.

Hence, I was struck with the idea of trying to share such casual conversations with the wider GRC audience, via my blog, in a new series that will continue through 2014 called "In Conversation With...". I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I am enjoying the process of spending time with interesting people.

Welcome to the second installment of the "In Conversation With..." series. This time we sit down for an interesting chat with a living legend of music, Paul Paviour OAM. Anyone who has been involved with music in our region, or indeed across Australia, will be aware of the work of Paul Paviour. As an eminent composer, Paul has been producing work for more than sixty years. His music is widely performed both here and internationally. Now in his mid 80's he recently undertook a tour of the USA performing some of his compositions to highly appreciative audiences. Of course we know him as the founding Director of the GRC, and almost thirty years on, he is still making an active and positive contribution to the musical variety and richness of our region. But how did all this begin? Let's find out....

My first guest is a dynamic young man who joined the staff of the GRC as our new woodwind teacher in 2013, Ben Jones. Ben has an amazing musical history and is relentlessly positive and upbeat (pardon the pun!) about what he does and why he does it. As a result he is gaining more and more students. So, I decided it was time to find out what makes Ben Jones tick.


This month's installment of my "In Conversation With..." series engages one of Australia's noted and rising authors, Nigel Featherstone. Apart from being a Goulburn local, Nigel Featherstone is an Australian writer of contemporary adult fiction, creative journalism, and, more recently, review. I was keen to explore Nigel's music educational background to try to discover what kind of influence music might have had on the development of his writing.

Prue Goward MP

This month, it was my great pleasure to interview our long-serving and dedicated Member for Goulburn, Pru Goward.

Pru has represented the Goulburn electorate since 2007 and is currently the Minister for Planning and Minister for Women in the Mike Baird led NSW State Government.

Prior to this, Pru spent six years as Australia's Sex Discrimination Commissioner and a further two years as Age Discrimination Commissioner.

However, it is her role as our local representative that has brought her into close contact with the Goulburn Regional Conservatorium. Pru has been a long and vocal advocate for the work of the GRC in our regional community and for music and the Arts in general. I was interested to know what inspired such active advocacy.

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