Bursary Policy

Each year the GRC allocates a limited amount of funds available for needs-based bursaries. The funds are distributed to students experiencing financial disadvantage.

The allocation of GRC Bursaries is made subject to the following criteria being met:

1. The total amount of funds available for provision of Bursaries in any given year will be a fixed amount determined by the GRC Board in the preceding year.

2. Applications can be lodged at any time throughout the year and the scheme will remain open until such time that the annual allocation is exhausted.

3. Eligibility requirements are:

  1. Evidence of financial hardship; and
  2. Students must have been learning an instrument or attending vocal lessons for at least one full semester (two full terms) are be eligible to lodge an application; and
  3. Students must have a sound track record of involvement in GRC ensembles and activities.

4. Students who do not meet minimum enrollment requirements, refer rule 3, can lodge an application for a Bursary if they are able to make a strong case for financial need based on the existence of extenuating circumstances. Such applications will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the GRC Bursary Assessment Panel and offered at their discretion.

5. Students who are bursary recipients must commit to:

  1. Learning the instrument or taking vocal lessons for two full semesters at the GRC, unless extenuating circumstances occur and have been approved by the GRC Director or Bursary Assessment Panel as appropriate.
  2. Actively participate in GRC ensembles and activities.
  3. Give priority at all times to attend scheduled lessons and notify the GRC office were attendance is genuinely impossible. If attendance is not possible, lessons may be made up on accordance with the normal procedures of the GRC.

6. If a recipient breaches the conditions of the Bursary (e.g not attending and participating or unsatisfactory payment history), then their Bursary will be withdrawn.

7. Applications from the following are ineligible and will not be assessed:

  1. Children of GRC employees; or
  2. Employees of GRC; or
  3. Students who do not meet the eligibility requirements; or
  4. Students who have outstanding fees; or
  5. Students / parents / guardians whose (combined) income could not be considered causing ‘financial hardship’.

8. Bursaries are not allocated to families. Individuals from the same family are able to make application for bursaries at any one time, however, the allocation of a Bursary to more than one family member at the same time is at the discretion of the GRC Bursary Assessment Panel.

9. All requests for Bursaries will be means tested. Applicants will be required to provide information on their financial situation (income, savings, liabilities and assets), together with pertinent family circumstances, as evidence of their reduced capacity or incapacity to pay fees.

10. Parent/s / guardian/s must apply on behalf of students (whether under or over 18 years) who are financially dependent on them, as the application will be assed on the their income.

11. If a student (whether under or over 18 years) is not financially dependent on their parent/s / guardian/s, their application will be assessed on their own income.

12. It is not a requirement that the Applicant receive Centrelink benefits, however, if they are receiving Centrelink benefits, they must be in receipt of a Centrelink benefit in addition to the Family Tax Benefit.

13. Bursaries can be offered for a term, semester, annually or may just be for a few weeks, it is up to the discretion of the GRC Bursary Assessment Panel.

14. Bursaries will be offered for partial relief of required tuition fees only.

15. In return for the provision of a partial Bursary, the remainder of the tuition fee/s is required to be paid in agreement within the terms pre-negotiated with the GRC Director.

16. Ability and commitment to provide non-monetary in-kind support to the GRC in needed areas, will also be taken into consideration in assessing and determining the amount of the Bursary being offered over a set period of time. Any in-kind support must be pre-approved by the Director, GRC or the Bursary Assessment Panel as appropriate prior to commencement.

17. Given the very limited amount of funding available to support the allocation of Bursaries, the GRC asks Recipients to, as soon as possible, inform the GRC if their financial situation improves and they no longer require the Bursary assistance.

18. The GRC will respect the confidentiality of all Bursary Recipients at all times.

19. The GRC Bursary Assessment Panel is to consist of three (3) members, made up of the GRC Director and two (2) GRC Board Members.

20. The final decision on the allocation of Bursaries remains the responsibility of the GRC Bursary Assessment Panel. No further discussions will be entered into once the Applicant has been informed the status of their application.

Bursary Application and Assessment Process

21. An application for a Bursary can be made at any time, as there is not an annual funding round.

22. Every application is assessed against the eligibility requirements and a need by need basis.

23. Potential applicants must first meet with the GRC Director to discuss their eligibility. Potential applicants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent / guardian.

24. Once eligibility has been determined, applicants must lodge their application on the form provided along will all necessary supporting documentation no later than 2 weeks following their meeting with GRC Director. Later lodgment of application and / or support materials must be pre-negotiated with the GRC Director.

25. Upon receipt of the application form and all supporting documentation the GRC Director will supply the Bursary Assessment Panel with copies of the application.

26. The GRC Bursary Assessment Panel is to meet no later than one (1) week after receipt of the application.

27. Discussion and voting on the application will be in accordance with the rules set out in GRC Constitution.

28. No later than three (3) weeks after lodgment, applicants will be notified in writing the status of their application.

29. Successful applicants will be advised of the level of Bursary offered, together with the conditions relating to operation of the Bursary.

30. Acceptance of a Bursary requires the Applicant to sign a Bursary Agreement, and acknowledge their full understanding of the conditions for the Bursary.

The contract will clearly state that the Bursary is a privilege and not a right, if the conditions of the Bursary are breached, then the Applicant will lose the privilege.

Annual Competitive Scholarships

Every year, students who have achieved Grade 3 standard or higher are invited to audition for an annual GRC Scholarship. These scholarships usually cover half or full fees for the year and we are grateful to our kind and generous sponsors for their support.

Award of scholarships are by competitive audition and the strongest presentations on the day will receive the offer of scholarship. Each GRC Scholarship recipient is also a GRC Ambassador and will be required to represent the GRC in a variety of ways.

Along with financial support, GRC Ambassadors also receive free tuition in musicianship, free access to ALL concerts and master classes, a GRC badge and GRC shirt.

Auditions are usually held annually in mid-November. The GRC Director, and a guest adjudicator decide on the scholarship recipients. Adjudication is confidential and reports on performance are not supplied. Scholarship adjudication criteria are usually available on the website.

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