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About the Melodia Music Classes

Melodia is an instrument-based program designed around the Early Years Learning Framework of play-based learning. Each week children are taken on a musical journey exploring the core concepts of music through musical games, singing, dancing, fun puppet friends, and a wide range of musical instruments which are cycled through weekly.Instruments are an important part of learning music, providing new sensory experiences for babies as well as a fun platform for expression and play for older toddlers and young children. Melodia's aim is to provide children with a solid introduction to a wide range of musical instruments, as well as an understanding of core musical concepts so the children have a strong foundation of music to build on when they enter the next stage of learning in primary school.Below is an example of a Melodia music class. The class, however, can be customised to your centre. For example, certain teaching modules or themes can be continued throughout the music class. Timeframes are also somewhat flexible depending on the children's mood on the day.

Babies classes: 30 minutes
Toddlers classes: 30-40 minutes
Pre Schoolers classes: 45 minutes

Please note that the sample lesson plan below is designed for a toddler classroom. Older and younger children will follow a similar lesson, and activities will be appropriately modified.


Age group: Toddler
Duration: 25min
Theme: Animals – Tiger

Purpose of lesson: 

  • Introduction to music through singing & dance
  • Introduction to musical instruments – ocean drum
  • Social interaction of children in a musical setting
  • Concepts of fast & slow and call & response
  • Language and musical language development
  • To have an introduction to the animal tiger.
  • To have FUN
Children's Prior Knowledge: UnknownOutcomes:
  • For the children to have an introduction to music, through singing, dancing and games
  • Children are confident with interactive singing
  • Children start to become familiar with the ocean drum
  • For the children to understand the concepts and instructions of the songs/ games.
  • Basic development of musical language such as names of instruments, way of playing instruments etc.
  • For children to start recognise the difference between slow and fast playing.
  • For the children to understand and participate in call & response singing.
  • Basic understanding of what is a tiger. Where they live, what they look like, and what they sound like.



Opening songs, sing-a-long - 'Ning Nang Nong'; 'Old MacDonald'; 'happy & you know it'

This part of the class is designed to settle the children in to the music class with a sing-a-long.

4 mins

Musical movement – selection of dancing games

The part of the class gets the children up and moving. Songs are a mixture of traditional and self-written, and songs are designed around either a musical concept (eg. duration, rhythm etc.) or general developmental skills (gross motor skills, expressions of emotions etc.).

6 mins

Instrument discovery – ocean drum

The instrument discovery section is when the instrument of the day is brought out to the children. The children explore what it sounds like, how it is played. Children then play along to songs or musical games that explore the main musical concept of the class.

 8 mins

Game – Bubble Dancing

The game section is used to reinforce the musical concept of the class as well as stopping the children from becoming disinterested or bored after consecrating and sitting in the previous section. The bubble dancing is used as a tempo game and other games are used for different musical concepts for example, the parachute is used to explore pitch and solfege.

 3 mins

Tiger Song – 'Roar' (call and response song)

Nearing the end of the class children get to "meet" a puppet friend who has a song based on a musical concept – the song 'Roar' is about a Tiger and is used as an introduction of call and response singing. Other concepts have other puppets, for explore the Turtle Lullaby explores pitch.

 4 mins

Ending – 'Twinkle Twinkle', 'Goodbye Song'

The class then concludes with familiar nursery rhythms and a Good Bye song to end the class. Children are then encourage to help pack up and ask to then sit and wa

5 mins 

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