The guitar is a very popular instrument because it is versatile, quite easy to start learning, a lot of fun, portable and can be played in many musical styles.

Instruments in the guitar family include the acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electric bass, ukelele, mandolin, lute, sitar, banjo and Dobro or slide guitar.

The guitar is a wonderful solo instrument and perfect for those who want to join a band or group. You can start learning the guitar at an early age, or pick it up at any age.

Guitar study

The study of guitar involves the development of physical coordination including posture, finger dexterity, positioning of hands and arms and playing elements relating to style such a picking or strumming.

Technical skills are further enhanced through knowledge and understanding of musicianship, aural perception, genre, style and performance interpretation as appropriate to the instrument. Repertoire which is suitable for the individual student is chosen and may be related to set examination programs.

Bass Guitar Study

The study of the bass guitar is a crucial one as it forms the backbone of the rhythm section along with the drums. Lessons involve the learning of note values, rhythm, arpeggios, walking bass lines, proper hand, arm and wrist position, slapping and popping and tapping.

Once these techniques are developed, songs are then selected to enhance these skills and move onto examination pieces and playing with other students.


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