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The piano is a very important instrument as so much of the understanding of written music is built around the piano keyboard.

The piano has a wonderful melodic and dynamic range and has a broad palate of texture.

The piano is a fantastic solo instrument, and is also a very important ensemble and accompaniment instrument.

If you like to sing, it is great to learn the piano to accompany yourself, and composing music on the piano is also great fun! Pianos can be found in rock band, orchestras, chamber groups and in keyboard ensembles. You can start to learn the piano from a very young age or at any age.

Piano & Keyboard Study

The study of piano involves the development of appropriate posture, hand, wrist and arm positioning and related elements of physical coordination.

These skills are designed to assist the student to play with freedom and fluency across the keyboard.

Technical skills are further enhanced through knowledge and understanding of musicianship, aural perception, genre, style and performance interpretation as appropriate to the instrument.

Repertoire which is suitable for the individual student is chosen and may be related to set examination programs.



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