The voice is an instrument that we all own, but not everyone learns to play it.

Everyone can learn to use their voice better, whether it is for professional singing a hobby, for breath improvement, to help build confidence, to learn to communicate or simply for the fun of it!

Total tone deafness is extraordinarily rare, and yet this is used by many people as an excuse not to sing!

Don't be scared - singing is fun, easy, enjoyable and a very human thing to do!

You can start lessons at any age and also join a choral group, a musical society , a band or sing solo if you feel ready. Anything is possible when you learn how to play the voice!

Vocal Study

The study of voice involves the development of physical coordination and understanding of technical approaches to breath management, release of physical tension, tonal focus and support.

Technical skills are further enhanced through knowledge and understanding of musicianship, aural perception, genre, style and performance interpretation as appropriate. 

Repertoire which is suitable for the individual student is chosen and may be related to set examination programs.




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