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There is so much you can do at Rock Con – come and find out what we can offer you!

The following courses are offered at the GRC School of Contemporary Music and Technology, "Rock Con"

Live Sound I - 2 hours per week

Learn techniques to manage basic live sound engineering in order to take an entry-level position with a production company or be able to be technically proficient in the delivery of sound engineering in your work environment.

Live Sound II - 2 hours per week

This course is the next level of proficiency extending from Live Sound I and explores more advanced sound engineering techniques including complex acoustic analysis involving room modes, room tuning and using SMAART software.

Song Writing – 90 minutes per week

Explore a range of song writing approaches, incorporating general principles of word setting and understanding of musical genre. Outcomes will include an increase in confidence and competency in the creation and expression of original ideas across a range of specific musical styles. Participants may have the opportunity to have their work recorded and performed by musicians at the GRC.

DJ@GRC "Turntablism" – 2 hours per week

Is a thriving area of the music industry with direct career pathways and potential sustainable career options. Learn how to make musical decisions and manipulate musical forces instantaneously; beat tracking and matching and understanding of style and interpreting skills.

Music Industry Skills

A weekly course to guide those who are interested in establishing a career in the music industry. Learn about management, marketing, agent representation, production, contracts, touring, copyright and all of the important info that you will need to be a success.

Boom Baby Boom

boom babyA group class that aims people creating and enjoying classic rock and pop music from the 50's to the 80's. Not limited to Baby Boomers but we certainly had the Boomers in mind when we created the course.

  • Learn to play classic hits with expert staff!
  • Discuss and learn the musicology of the eras
  • Perform music in a relaxed environment
  • Have fun creating music and forming friendships in a Group environment

Previous musical experience is desirable. Participants may also undertake individual lessons concurrently.

Instruments accepted are Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Keyboard/Piano, Electric Bass, Drumkit and Voice.

Session length: 1.5 - 2 Hrs. 

All courses:

  • Require a minimum of six participants.
  • Run for 10 weeks
  • Cost: $250 per participant

3-day Holiday Programs are available for school students who want to play music and make new friends.


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